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Proven Quality. Real Value.


As Sun Prairie moves into the next chapter of our storied history there are a few new things you may be noticing. If you’re reading this seed guide you’ve probably seen our new logo (if not, flip to the cover of this book!). We are also working to expand our territory to include more of the United States. But even though things are changing doesn’t mean that we aren’t the same company that has long built a reputation for quality throughout the Midwest, building the trust and friendship of those growers we have been fortunate enough to work with. Our promise is to continue demonstrating those qualities that have made us a great business partner. Doing business with Sun Prairie, an independently owned and operated company, you know you will get a quality product that brings a real, monetary value to your operation. We are dedicated to being a partner that couples competitive price with the quality we are known for, bringing outstanding yield and agronomics that you can trust. This marriage of price and quality brings you that value that makes a difference.

Strong Tradition. Bold Future.


We are incredibly proud of our storied tradition, and will continue to operate by the principles of integrity that have made us successful. However, we feel like we have positioned ourselves to make the bold statement that our brand has a strong position in future of this industry.

Need to Know More?


We would love to talk more about Sun Prairie and our passion for developing the right products for our customers. We genuinely want to help you, and your operation, find the success you deserve. Give us a call to talk corn, or just to say hello.

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